Curve Bike Light & GPS Tracker

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What is Curve Bike Light & Tracker?

Curve Bike light & GPS tracker is an all-in-one bike safety solution. Aimed at commuter cyclists, it’s been developed in response to their concerns around road safety and bike theft.

Featuring an intelligent rear brake light, ultra bright LED, GPS tracking, movement activated security mode with 107dB siren and impact detection that can send Help Alerts, it provides reassurance for the rider on and off the bike. Lightweight with a long-lasting battery it includes a security bolt to help prevent theft.

Connected to the Vodafone global network by the built-in smart SIM it works with the Vodafone Smart App for a intuitive digital experience.

Industrial Design Story

When introducing advanced technology into a new product category it’s really tempting to want to shout about it through the industrial design. However in this instance the design team strongly believed the capability should remain silent, resulting in an incredibly simple and recessive product, that looks visually appropriate on any kind of bike.

Although constructed from 3 separate elements (the light, the tracker, and mounting bracket), the desire was for these parts to come together to create a singular looking device, with a sleek unobtrusive form that focuses the visual attention solely on the light lens.

The desire for simplicity was carried over into the design of the physical user experience. Once set-up in the Smart App, the device is largely controlled by a combination of a single physical button on the light and the 1⁄4 turn attachment method that fixes the light to the and tracker, allowing for easy charging away from the bike

Product Impact

With Europe experiencing a cycling boom & more people wanting sustainable ways to travel, the time was right to create the Curve Bike light & GPS tracker for a safer commuting experience. Packed with features, it gives riders confidence & reassurance both when on the road and when they park up.
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