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Cyclone Open Array Marine Radar

Industrial design for Raymarine

Raymarine Cyclone Marine Radar

What is Cyclone Marine Radar?

The Cyclone open array marine radar from Raymarine provide mariners with unmatched situational awareness, giving them the confidence to tackle the harshest conditions, gain distinct advantages in the hunt for fish, and safely navigate busy waterways.

Available in two different power outputs, each with a choice of three antenna sizes (3ft, 4ft, and 6ft), makes Cyclone incredibly versatile, allowing it suitable for all vessels from sports fishing boats up to ocean going commercial ships.

Industrial Design Story

The Cyclone Marine Radar was designed from the outset to break the conventions of the product category, allowing it to clearly demonstrate its significantly enhanced next generation technology.

With the radar mounted in a very prominent and highly visible position on the top of the boat, the industrial design team strongly believed this presented a real opportunity to move away from the traditional utilitarian look that is common across the marine electronics industry, and create something more fitting for this prime location.

Influenced by the sleek and flowing performance aesthetic found throughout modern boat design, The Fuel’s industrial designers worked closely with Raymarine’s engineers to craft a completely new streamlined product form, using profiled sections, that visually ties the radar and boat together as one.

The additional benefit of this significant change in design language is it allows the product to clearly communicate to the marketplace a major step forward in capability and performance.

Product Impact

The Cyclone aerodynamic design maintains the performance, strength, and robustness of traditional heavier radars, in a lightweight body that can operate in the toughest sea conditions, while delivering leading edge features and performance for both professional and recreational boaters.

Design of Raymarine Cyclone Marine Radar
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