What The Fuel industrial design team can do for you.
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Each industrial design engagement is uniquely tailored to our clients needs, here are just a few of the ways we could help:

Product Styling

Design the physical product identity to make a device both visually desirable and recognisable.

Brand Language

Create signature elements to visually link products within a range or across a portfolio.

Intellectual Property

Design new product functionality that creates unique and ownable intellectual property. 

Cost Reduction

Optimise the design of a product to reduce both manufacturing and operational costs.

Design for Manufacture

Integrate with supply chain partners and engineering teams to ensure cost-effective and achievable outcomes.

User Experience

Design intuitive product user experiences that build brand reputation & loyalty.

Product Differentiation

Create meaningful product innovation that can fuel marketing strategies. 

New Product Functionality

Create valuable new product functionality that resonates with customers and elevates the product offer.

Humanise Technology

Make technology both usable and desirable to drive user adoption. 

Category Experts

Deep knowledge within consumer electronics.

Experts Supported by Experts: An alternative industrial design agency model for full end to end project support

The Fuel’s expertise sits firmly in the industrial design and innovation of physical products, but we know product development often requires a much broader set of skills and expertise, both pre and post the industrial design phase.

Rather than dilute beyond our industrial design specialism, as many agencies do, we’ve opted to build a much stronger offer through a highly trusted network of specialist partners, giving us the end-to-end product development capabilities of a far larger multi-disciplinary agency but with significant benefits. 

We can embed precisely the right specialist into our project team only when they are needed, whether that be for consumer research, branding, Ui/Ux, digital strategy, prototyping, engineering development, and manufacturing. 

This gives our clients a genuine subject specialist at each stage of the product development process and allows us to deliver the best value for money, as we don’t carry expensive staff overheads that aren’t required.

We have a long standing close relationship with each of our partners which makes us look and feel like one integrated team when we work together.

Advantages of agile teams

Work with the best

All our partners are dedicated specialists within their chosen fields, with the experience and depth of expertise that can’t be found within multifunctional teams.

Better outcomes

By combining different perspectives and viewpoints, we question more and push ourselves harder, in a way a single agency team would struggle to do.

Focused on needs, not resources

We recommend what is best for your project, we have no agenda to sell an engagement based on our available resource capability.

Better value

We save on full-time teams and large infrastructure overheads, so you save on fees.

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