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Ultra Hub Series

Industrial design for Vodafone

Vodafone Ultra Hub

What is the Ultra Hub Series?

The Ultra Hub series was created to meet the latest customer expectations of a faster, more reliable Wi-Fi connection in every corner of the home.
Utilising Wi-Fi 6E technology, the fastest, most advanced Wi-Fi ever, the series of three products consists of the Ultra Hub, a Super Wi-Fi 6E Extender, and a 4G Broadband Back-up, which automatically switches to the Vodafone 4G mobile network in the event the broadband goes down.
Beyond the technology the project placed focus on sustainability of both the product & packaging, and strategically allowed Vodafone to introduce a distinctive new long term design language that is more sensitive to the customers home environment.

Industrial Design Story

Working closely alongside the engineering team from the onset of the project, the products were designed foremost to deliver the best possible functional performance, with uncompromising antenna placement and maximum air flow cooling. 

Beyond function the desire was to create a simple, understated design language that runs across the product series, downplaying the advanced technical capability within. The use of this recessive, approachable aesthetic ensures customers are comfortable with leaving the products out on display in their homes, which in-turn achieves best WiFi performance.

The incorporation of fabric into the design provided numerous functional and visual benefits, most notably creating a high breathable open sub-structure, which disguises the need for the product to be heavily vented. The natural qualities of the fabric help calm the product personality with a softer, more homely look & feel, and the fabric also acts as an easy & effective method for product refurbishment.

Throughout the project there was a strong focus on sustainability, with the Ultra Hub products being made out of 95% recycled plastic that is shipped in plastic-free packaging, made from recycled & recyclable paper.

Product Impact

Recent global research shows that more than 70% of users believe that home Wi-Fi is just as important as electricity or gas, a critical component of everyday life. The Ultra Hub series works seamlessly together to deliver connectivity throughout the home, in a continuous & easy to use way, ensuring this critical service is always fast & reliable.

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